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Code information Drama Live | IPTV Player,Record - Apps on Google Play

How does Drama Live work:

Drama Live is a media participant that helps FG codecs, M3U traces and Xtream codecs. Drama Live does not produce, provide or encompass any media or content, druggies are had to provide their very own content. We do not provide or vend any kind of IPTV offerings comparable as IPTV subscriptions, streaming or commemoratives. Drama Live simplest works as an IPTV participant.


* Video, audio, stay, VOD, IPTV participant

* Play more than one streams simultaneously

* public and personal communicate at the same time as watching.

* Built-in speedy video and IPTV participant with excessive capabilities.

* The cappotential to select the default video best.

* Support more than one best for one conduit( SD HD FHD 4K)

* Support for more than one servers for one conduit.

* Automatic server desire if a server does now no longer work.

* Auto reconnect stay stream.

* Audio tune selection.

* Background playback.

* Playback in audio mode handiest.

* The cappotential to create and prepare the listing of favored channels.

* Start gambling decided on channel at launch.

* pleasant generality.

* Grid or channel listing display.

* Watch IPTV with channel agencies and ensigns.

* Support m3u document request headers

* Quickly look for channels in playlists.

Code information Drama Live | IPTV Player,Record - Apps on Google Play

Supported Sources

* FG barrels.

* Xtream cannons.

* M3u documents.

- what the code FG?

FG Code is a unfastened provider that permits you to arrange and organization your content material hyperlinks right into a playlist represented via way of means of a easy regulation, then watch your content material via way of means of sincerely coming into the FG regulation in any supported participant.

You can create a regulation FG via way of means of

1- Go to fgcode

2- Click on 'Create a regulation FG' and select a regulation and a password.

3- Start including your content material hyperlinks.

4- You can now watch your content material on Drama Live via way of means of coming into your regulation withinside the FG Code titlist.

5- Whenever you upload or cast off content material out of your playlist on 'fgcode', the versions will mechanically seem at the app.

The FG Code is a content material control provider handiest and does now no longer consist of any content material, prolixity or replay.

- what M3u URL?

M3U is a document layout for a multimedia playlist.

It is usually used to direct media gamers to audio and video reassets, along with on line reassets.

You can create an M3U document containing hyperlinks to media reassets and play it on Drama Live.

Compatible Devices

* Android phone.

* Android tab.

* Android TV.

* Android TV box.

Supported Video Prolixity Options

* Miracast.

* Web video caster.

Code information Drama Live



We do now no longer offer any sort of IPTV offerings including IPTV Subscriptions, Shows or Channel Cannons.

This operation has no cooperation with any classes provider.

This operation does now no longer offer or consist of any media or content material, and customers need to offer their very own content material via way of means of imparting FG Cannons, Xtream Cannons or M3u document hyperlinks.

We do now no longer suggest using copyrighted cloth with out the permission of the copyright holder.

does now no longer host any stay video or prolixity documents on its servers.

does now no longer declare possession or obligation for any content material the person runs at the app, and the app whilst commenced is absolutely freed from any content material except the person enters their very own content material.

As some distance as we recognize a hyperlink reader does now no longer without delay infringe copyright due to the fact no copies are made at the app's servers, so this isn't a legitimate purpose to document a DMCA notice. To cast off this content material from the web, the content material proprietor need to touch the host that virtually hosts the content material (and now no longer the ones chargeable for this operation).

At Drama Live, we're organized to prohibit any server cope with if we get hold of a grievance that it's far verbosing unlawful content material.

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