Free listes M3U SAT TO IPTV Enigma2/VLC/M3U 2022


First: what is it SAT > IP in Enigma2:

SAT TO IP technology facilitates situations by extending or changing the TV signal distribution configuration in a home or apartment without having to dig into walls to install additional cables. So if you want to buy another Linux receiver in another room, but can't bring another cable from the antenna, or you have two Linux receivers at home and want to take advantage of one tuner receiver on one of them SAT>IP will help you. Simply put, it is the transmission of a TV signal from one receiver (server) to another, or other (clients) over your home network (LAN / WIFI).

For this technology, special devices are produced as server receivers, intended only for this receiving technology. However, it is expensive because it has more tuners, many Ethernet ports, and software that is adapted for just this purpose. This server receiver can partially replace the Linux receiver from the Enigma2 operating system.

Does this sound familiar to you? Yes, it is very similar to streaming between satellite receivers using the remote channel stream converter and remote tuner functions in the Enigma 2. But only at first glance, because the main difference between broadcast and SAT > IP is that SAT > IP does not transmit video and audio from the server to the client, but only a "signal" from the tuner. Thus, the customer's receiver receives only the data from which it should "produce" the image and sound (of course also the EPG, subtitles, etc.), as if connected to an antenna. This means that it must also be decrypted if it is an encrypted terminal. So the customer must insert the decoder card or the decoder, otherwise, you will only be able to receive the unencrypted stations on the customer's receiver.

The SAT TO IP plug-in, which will be covered in today's chapter of the Enigma guides, has the option to connect the client to multiple servers, has the option to log in via the web interface and other advanced functions.

What is SAT > IP Client Settings:

The client receiver can also be a receiver without a tuner, it is enough to have OS Enigma 2 installed on it. The SAT>IP client will broadcast satellite/terrestrial or cable signals over the Internet from the server's SAT>IP receiver. A coaxial cable (cables, in the case of a multi-tuner receiver) from the satellite dish is connected to the server receiver. In the case of a COMBO server receiver, cable TV or terrestrial broadcasting can also be connected. Both receivers (server and client) must be connected to the same home Internet.

If you want to use the receiver as a client, first install the additional SAT>IP Client in it as follows: SAT TO IPTV Enigma2

sat to iptv geant,

sat to ip,

sat to iptv starsat,

sat to ip server,

sat to ip receiver,

sat to ip converter,

sat to iptv resolution,

sat to iptv geant 2500 hd plus,

sat to iptv icone wegoo,

We have done it on your behalf and activated this feature on our website with our local server. All you have to do is download the lecteur multimédia VLC program and add to it this list containing sports channels, movies, music, documentaries and more. This is the first list that all satellites will be running on later! As for now, the well-known Thor moon is available, enjoying watching. When transferring or sharing, please mention the source, rights reserved on

#EXTM3U : Host:  port: 8001 

Download listes M3U SAT_ Thor _TO IPTV Enigma2/VLC

Download listes M3U SAT _Astra 19 _Thor _TO IPTV Enigma2/VLC

NOTE:  that we change IPTV connections and playlist ordinary. Now and again indeed a many times each day to follow the updates! Assuming that IPTV joins have quit working, return and check for refreshes!
Partake in the free IPTV connections of m3u channel playlists that we modernize day by day and we will be cheerful assuming you partake our point with your companions on informal communities.

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